Happy Thanksgiving!

https://youtu.be/Ij6ToQqEe4sDid I just confuse you? No, you didn’t fall asleep and wake up a month later. I lived in Canada for eight or nine years, and so I’m still in the habit of celebrating both holidays. Are you wondering about why or how Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?Did you even know they did? If you’re curious to learn about the similarities and differences between the two, watch this video.
Do You Have The GUTs To Walk The Planck?

Do You Have The GUTs To Walk The Planck?

As a cosmologist, I am an educated but rank amateur. Consequently, I would be willing to bet money that the following remarks and questions will be so naive as to cause the toenails to ache of any actual professional cosmologist, and perhaps make them laugh so hard they will need to avail themselves of a good supply of Depends. I mean people the caliber of, e.g., Andrea Ghez, Alex Filippenko, Kip Thorne, Alan Guth, Vera Rubin, and others of like stature in the pantheon of theoretical cosmology, e.g. faculty of the Institute for Advanced Study. (In fairness, I have met and spoken with Profs. Ghez and Filippenko, and found them extraordinarily approachable, anything but condescending, and strongly predisposed to take lay people’s questions with utmost seriousness. I suspect the same is