Monday, August 2

Yuletide Is Here!

Our Fore-Fathers, when the common Devious of Eve were over, and Night was come on, were wont to light up Candles of an uncommon Size, which were called Christmas-Candles, and to lay a Log of Wood upon the Fire, which they termed a Yule-Clog, or Christmas-Block.

These were to Illuminate the House, aud (sic) turn the Night into Day; which custom, in some Measure, is still kept up in the Northern Parts. It hath, in all probability, been derived from the Saxons.

For Bede tells us, That this very Night was observed in this Land before, by the Heathen Saxons. They began, says he, their Year on the Eight of the Calenders of January, which is now our Christmas Party: And the very Night before, which is now Holy to us, was by them called Mædrenack, or the Night of the Mothers.

-- Henry Bourne (1725) (from Wikipedia)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Remember if you feel like you're alone, you're never completely alone.


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