yin yang – loss gain

yin yang - loss gain

have you seen the
seed dropping on
the path? and heard
its dying cry?
or seen the caterpillar
crawl up the tree?
spinning itself into
silk and dissolving?
death is the cause.
resurrection is the finality.
each moment dies and
infinite rebirth.
which is the most beautiful?

dedicated to Colin Stewart, reborn August 20, 2011


  1. a quiet walk said on August 22, 2011
  2. danroberson said on August 22, 2011
    When death has lost its sting, there is no fear. From birth we find our way to heaven's door. What can be more beautiful?
  3. becca givens said on August 23, 2011
    To every end, is a rebirth ... glorious wonders designed in the Master Plan! Beautifully written! :-)
  4. Andie Davidson said on April 4, 2012
    Seeds and metamorphosis are lovely descriptions of our transitions, and I used both in my collection of poems on the transgender coming-to-terms called "Real-I-sations" http://www.bramleypress.co.uk/realisations I think we can only be described in metaphor.
    1. Terri said on April 4, 2012
      Thank you!

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