Thursday, August 5


Lava Bubble Burst
Lava Bubble Burst


you are drilling into
my base disrupting  
my sleep as if i have no
of my own. 

the useful minerals and
elements and rocks and
to manipulate.          

like i am one
big box of crayons for you
to use as you create
in your image. 

not the pack of 64 crayons
not the pack of 128
but the infinite colors of
but you use only burnt sienna.  

wake up!
i am Mother Gaia
the colors of the cosmos
comes on my terms.           

do not push me
beyond the limits
sustainable by
it will not be pretty.

                      Terri Stewart, 2010 

Well, it seems it has been quite a year.  I never really put it all together until Friday. 

-Sarah, my beloved Beagle, died of cancer in July of 2009
-I finally did the heavy lifting grieving work for my mother in October of 2009 (long story)
-Rob, my friend, died in February 2010
-And finally, my brother died in May 2010, one day before Mother's Day

My first thought was well hell!  No wonder I am stressed or depressed.  Throw in the world of seminary and its constant deconstruction and reconstruction of your reality (a relatively adequate approach to truth), and you end up with something profound moving within.  What that "profoundness" is remains unknown.  But I am sure something will erupt.  It may not be pretty, but something will erupt!  Or perhaps I am in the first rumblings of the volcano now where smoke plumes and shots of magma come bursting forth.  I would suggest that y'all watch out!  Oh, okay, the metaphor seems a little extreme.  But it is definitely fun to imagine being the volcano.  Be the volcano!  Hmm...


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