Monday, July 26

Writing Your Own Narrative

Have you ever felt like someone wrote the narrative of your life with absolutely no input from you? Sometimes I feel like some tabloid writer got hold of my life, created a bunch of lies around a basic storyline, and now I'm expected to believe that the lies that people have told me my whole life are true.

One of the places I feel this is most true is in my relationship with organized religion. I want that connection, that community.But I've been told so many lies by that community that it's hard to lean into them and trust them to hold me when I'm lost and hurting and feeling desperately alone. They believe the very fact that I call myself a Christian is a lie because I am a LGBT person, I'm a left-leaning Democrat, and I believe ObamaCare (aka Affordable Care Act) may not have been a complete debacle. Most of the churches I attended as an adolescent and a young adult wouldn't know what to do with me now.

The other "side" creates a narrative about the things they know about me, and I suppose I do the same. So this makes me wonder how can we move away from taking sides and creating someone's narrative for them. Telling them how they should live their lives. How can we free each other to write our own narratives without condemnation?   How can we encourage dialogue between people who matter to each other, sharing narratives that build bridges of understanding instead of walls that keep us mistrustful of each other's actions and motivations?

I've worn a plain denim narrative for years. I've told myself and been told things that aren't true. I want to rewrite my narrative  in truth and every color of the rainbow. That's Truth with a capital T. I'm going to tear the denim piece by piece and weave truth in every color of the rainbow. Sometimes it'll be black, because life feels black sometimes. And that's perfectly okay.



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