Thursday, June 24

Word from Winkler | The General Board of Church and Society


  • Terri, Winkler ended with exactly the most important task of the UMC:
    “More difficult than accomplishing all of that, though, will be changing the culture of thousands of our congregations from private clubs into welcoming houses of worship that truly seek to transform the world in the name of Jesus Christ. ” In small southern towns, this is particularly a challenge where the “elite” are members of the local “First” UMC!!! Flannery O’Connor said it best: “Southerners value propriety more than religion.” I continue to stand up for my church being God’s house instead of an outpost of the country club!

    • Bravo! You’re awesome. I used to live in a small southern town, but I was Southern Baptist then. I left disillusioned and disheartened. Because my PacNW local UMC church was God’s house, not a country club, I (we) came back. That was quite a while ago.
      🙂 And look what happened!!

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