Monday, June 21

Witness Wednesday – Where is Love?

Two youth meet and hug--
a visible testimony to tender loving care.

What can you be a visible witness to?
What message does your heart beat?

The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that's wrong with the world.
Paul Farmer


Yesterday and today, the Supreme Court of the US has been issuing rulings on a variety of topics. Some responses require joy, some require lament. We cannot forget the lament. As Dr. Traci West, theologian, posted on Facebook:

I just listened to one gay rights advocate standing in front of the Supreme Court jubilantly declare that clearly the Supreme Court stands for equality and justice for all United States citizens. "What? Didn't you hear anything about the Voting Rights decision yesterday?" I ridiculously yelled out in disgust to someone who could not hear me. Please, this is one of those moments when we must articulate unequivocal support for how racial justice and LGBT rights are interdependent and interrelated.

Even more, we are all interdependent and interrelated. When one-just one person-is treated is less than, we denigrate all of humanity.

The proof of the pudding of the gutting of the Voting Rights Act is the several states that moved, quickly, to enact new district maps that do marginalize people who are not descended from European Americans. In one moment, the Supreme Court said that there is no racism apparent (because the Voting Rights Act was working!) and struck down the provision. In the next moment, within hours, new districts were being drawn and proposed that fully marginalize Latinos, Latinas, African Americans, and the list goes on. Anybody the power structure calls other.


So I embrace DOMA being stricken, but I mourn the inability of intelligent men to see beyond their ideologies to the reality of the situation. Racism exists. It is institutional. And SCOTUS embedded it more deeply into our society yesterday.

My soul weeps.

What is your story?

What do you have to share?

How is it with your soul?

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