Thursday, July 29

Witness Wednesday: SWAP

Man in Prayer Reconciling Ministries Conference
Man in Prayer
Reconciling Ministries Conference

S-W-A-P (feel free to SWAP in the comments!)

Share: Share your story.

Witness: What has been a witness to love? What has been an impediment?

Account: What do you want to work on over the next week or so? Develop new habits or end old ones.

Pray: Request prayers for joys and concerns.

My sharing

Share: Tonight I sat with two young men. Both were the same age, same neighborhood, same grade, smart, and both locked up in detention. It was delightful! As we talked, I heard things that sounded self-deprecating ... "I have ADHD." Hmm. When did we allow ADHD become equivalent to failure? Oh, yeah! When we allow children to be in failing system. Failing education systems, failing family systems, and failing justice systems. If these systems were successful, they would be focused on see the giftedness of ADHD. Oh yes, there are gifts. I think at least one of the young men I listened to tonight can now see himself as gifted.

Witness: Today, the United Methodist Church concluded a trial of a pastor. He was on trial for performing a marriage ritual between his son and his son's same gender partner. A good analysis of the problem is here. It is against church law to conduct a same gender marriage. The pastor was charged with conducting the marriage and disregarding the Book of Discipline (the UMC rule book). He was found guilty on both counts. I was not surprised at the guilty verdict. He did the deed!

What I was surprised with was the sentence. 30 day suspension plus revoking of orders if he does not say that he will never do it again. Oh yes. That is painful. I definitely did not feel the love of God in that suspension / threat. Here is my tweet:

"A man's entire career in ministry defined by a ritual. Not by the disciples he created for the transformation of the world." #ministryontrial

That is simply tragic. The arc of an entire life in ministry is wiped away because of a father doing the fatherly thing. God was definitely absent. Perhaps, is definitely absent.

Account: Last week I said I wanted to become more timely with my commitments to do things like blog posts. I need to continue this work.

Prayer: Please pray for a friend who is in the hospital - B., his son S., and partner R. Additionally, prayer for the church. And prayers for me as I always feel gloomy during these times.

Shalom and Amen.


  • Kathleen (kat)

    Lately, my Story is one dominated with entropy, a seasonal sinking into the chaos of dark days.
    My Witness is small, crowded by the disorganization and randomness that I find myself swimming in. I do those things that must be done, and try to do them with a smile, politeness my small gift to people that I meet in my daily interactions.
    My Accounting shows in a slow clearing away of stuff, that ever growing pile of things I think I might someday want dwindles but slowly to things I can use now
    My Prayers have become more those of thanks in this season of thanksgiving, thanks and acceptance.

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