Thursday, August 5

Witness Wednesday – I AM

What is the story yearning to be told within you?


There is an exercise that we do in SoulCollage(TM). You look at the artwork you have produced, and then write out, for about 15 minutes, "I am the one who _________________ " filling in the blank. You put yourself into the picture and use the collage to illustrate a truth about yourself.

SoulCollage Card by Terri Stewart
SoulCollage® Card by Terri Stewart

And then there is the writing prompt I was given at the Soulsister retreat to write a skinny poem based on "I am ________."

And then there is the definition of the holy name of in Hebrew scripture which translates to "I was, I am, I will be."

I. AM.

Yesterday I sat with a youth in the detention center and we did the SoulCollage(TM) project and she answered, "I am the one who wants attention and wants to hide." That was great awareness. Last week I sat with a youth in another detention center and he told me, "I am not my bracelet." (i.e. the color of your bracelet defines the level of your charges). He's right. He is not his charge, he is not his bracelet, his is not the monster we paint him to be.

But who are we?

I. AM.

Here is my little excursion into my skinny "I am" poem exploring my anger with Celiac disease.

Yahweh whispers through
all time
contained in the cosmos of
spreading star stuff
connecting and invading
expanding and breathing
collapsing inward and finding
overwhelmed by the debacle
of embodied love
where I AM betrayed
by this creation called

One body.

One life.

Forever punished for
drawing from the wrong
gene pool.


Clearly I was in a cranky place when I wrote that.

And yet, we are all connected. I AM with the divine. I AM with the youth. I AM with you. I AM with the trees. I AM with the cosmos. I AM because WE ARE. A return to connection. It reminds me of one of my most favorite videos from MelodySheep on YouTube "We are all Connected." I have shared it before, but I'll share it again because it is that good. It will be at the bottom after my "I AM" photo.

Now my question is:  Who are you?





Shalom and Amen.

© 2013, post and photograph, Terri Stewart, all rights reserved

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