Monday, July 26

Witness Wednesday

Witness Wednesday...where have you seen a movement of grace?


Grace was in detention last night. I was in charge of two chaplains and training them last night. One was being trained for leading a Bible study. As we were walking back to the supervisor's office, a code was called. I told the chaplains to get against the wall (loudly--I heard the code called--I don't know how I heard it, but I did). We did. Then a rush of staff came running down the hall towards the incident. Then there was a vacuum of silence as all staff went into the space where the incident was happening. I took the chaplains to the library and we sat and talked.

The code was cleared. I thought, "there is no way that anybody will be allowed to participate in a Bible study now!" It didn't seem like the kids would be able to leave their areas and come to the library--that would be the normal reaction. But the supervisor graciously cleared the youth; the head staff of their halls extended the time for their return. It went on.

In a smallstone:

Stepping across the red line with fear and trembling, ready for disappointment and realism, auctoritas extended a hand and a smile of grace and approval.




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