Wednesday, June 23

Witness Wednesday-Into Spaces and Times

Today's guest post is from Tom Ganner, a photographer from Alaska. You can reach him on his Facebook page - Time and Space!

In order to find the world at its best often requires a willingness to begin taking steps in spaces and times less trammeled by human foot falls. I never mind rising at obscenely early hours to travel to places less traveled and arrive before man begins to make his imprint and influence upon the world he believes belongs to him.  As a photographer, when the shooting starts, I am completely energized and transcended by the environment I hope to embrace upon my film. My adventure is truly a labor of love.

~Tom Ganner


Where has grace moved in your life?

What have you witnessed?

What story of love can you share? 


© 2013, post and photograph, Tom Ganner, all rights reserved

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