Monday, June 21

Witness Wednesday

What experience of the presence of the divine can you speak to?

Where has grace moved in your life?

What is your story?

Saturday night, seeing the beauty of Puget Sound, Oyster Bay, I was moved by the presence of love.

“Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred.In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists.

I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become thevictor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave. I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing then it is the eternal dance or creation. The creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joy. I keep on dancing...and dancing...and dancing. Until there is only...the dance.”
― Michael Jackson

Shalom and amen.


Oyster Bay


(c) 2013 post, essay, and photo, Terri Stewart


  • Terri, this is just beautiful. One for Bardo.

    Just a reminder that today is Victoria’s prompt day. I don’t think I’ve seen you do fiction, but you might have or might be inclined to do a poem that fits the bill and you could link in with Mr. Linky.

    Happy days, Terri, and thanks for all,

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