Friday, June 18

Witness Wednesday

Where has grace moved in your life?

Just returning from vacation, there were so many stories told if I just slowed down and listened or watched. There was the mother holding a young child's hands as he ran along the pool's edge, the young man from Indonesia who works day after day with no days off, the staff who rush to the port side of the boat so they can see where we are going or have been--their only contact with a new world from a distance or from behind a camera. Grace moved in my heart at every encounter with the people and with every encounter with the amazing depth of beauty that we encountered in the natural beauty of Alaska and the surrounding area. Grace moved in my heart when I was able to experience living through the eyes of compassion in this rarefied environment. Love, beauty, and grace coalescing in my rib cage!

I wrote a series of haiku witnessing to the stark beauty in the Tracy Arm Fjord that I will offer along with a photo from that day. These haiku were primarily inspired by the waters getting into the Tracy Arm Fjord which were quite different from the waters once we were sitting still. The photo is from a moment of stillness in waters littered with small icebergs.

glacier fed wind

whips across cresting waters

reflecting sun's glory

frenzied wind

stirring waters to white peaks

be still my soul

shrouded grey waters

revealing iceberg tips

depths hidden



© 2013, post, haiku, and photograph, Terri Stewart, all rights reserved


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