Monday, August 2

Wisdom Through Creativity

Card#2I love vision boards, doing collages, anything like that--so I was a bit intrigued by the idea of using playing cards (or similar-size cardstock) as a background for a vision board of sorts. I didn't really think that I'd get much out of something that small, and since I have put off a larger Dreamwheel envisioning project all weekend, thought that I'd just glue a couple of things on, call it good, and be finished.

Famous last words. I had a couple of pieces of not-quite junk mail, but they would have found themselves in the garbage can in a day or two. Instead suddenly I heard my soul call out  "Hell Yeah!"  so "Hell Yeah!" went on the card. Be The Change is my mantra, my Rule for Life, so clearly I couldn't leave it out.  Yoga and spirituality and embracing the body are in on this too. The book and The Art of Storytelling are what my whole life is about.

There's my whole story, right on the two of hearts.   Never doubt that Spirit speaks in mysterious ways.

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