Wednesday, June 23

When There’s Nothing More to Say



I spent time today helping my partner try to book her ticket to go home and see her mother, who is dying of glioblastoma (a kind of brain cancer).  They don't know how many more days her mom has, so every day that passes is one less day that she can see her mother.

This really makes me think of the uncertainty of each day. Truthfully, none of us is guaranteed to wake up every morning.  We should want to make the most of each day, but we don't. We live as if we have forever, always putting off things that need to be done. I don't mean "need"--I mean NEED. The things that need to be done each day are loving the people you love as fully as possible and making sure they know how you feel.

I am also thinking about how I would want to be remembered after I'm gone. What would I want my eulogy and epitaph to say? Am I living in such a way that this will happen? If not, what can I do to change?

The idea of death is scary, but if we've lived the way we strived to, we can let go with no regrets.

I'm not sure there's an afterlife. I do believe it with all my heart. I just know one thing:

"We're all just walking each other home."--Ram Dass

Wherever this home is for you, when you get there, I hope you rest in peace.

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