Tuesday, June 15

When is Sabbath not a Sabbath?

Sabbath is created to be a day of deep rest. Resting into who you are, whose you are, and what you are created to be as a being of love and light. But many people have said that Sabbath is subject to life. If something that comes up that is life-giving, then it is to be done. For example, people must eat on the Sabbath. People must have medical care, that sort of thing. However, you don't HAVE to go shopping for that sparkly dress on the Sabbath (or power tool, or sparkly power tool!). It can probably wait until tomorrow.

Sabbath draws the line between now and what can wait. Priorities!

This weekend, I am in San Antonio working. I'm on the national board of Reconciling Ministries. It is hard to get working people together for a board meeting when we come from all walks of life and many places across the country. But here we are. Why? To breathe life into our faith. To help bring our faith to full expression. To bring inclusion and healing to people who are literally dying because they are being excluded, bullied, and pained. This is urgent work and this weekend, Sabbath is subject to life.

Yes. We are given Sabbath as a gift. But Sabbath never takes precedence over life-giving actions. Sabbath is made for life, not life for Sabbath.   

Yeah, yeah. So what then? The work of justice, equality, mercy, and charity is never done! We could work 24x7 and there would still be more work! Then we are back to discerning priorities. A national board meeting? Only happens twice a year. Sabbath is subject to life. But there are events that we know happen day-in-and-day-out that we should subject to the Sabbath, yes? What would those events be? Soccer? Groceries? Dry cleaning? Paperwork? Email? Facebook?

What priorities do you choose? Where will you find deep rest?

Sabbath is

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