Monday, July 26

What price coronation?

A clean heart create for me, God;
renew in me a steadfast spirit.
Do not drive me from your presence,
nor take from me your holy spirit.
Restore my joy in your salvation;
sustain in me a willing spirit.
-from Psalm 51

I am caught by “restore my joy in your salvation.”  The psalmist is asking for a lot here, don’t you think?  Restored joy AND restored joy and faith in God’s salvation.  It begs the question, “What is God’s salvation?” 

Sometimes I have doubts whether I’m Methodist enough or Christian enough to go through this entire ordination process.  I have no doubts about who I am and what I believe—my doubts are about whether the system can handle it and find a place for me.  If feels, sometimes, like compromise to stay within the system.  That concerns me.


what price must be paid?
what stand must be sold?
what child must be sacrificed?
how can I possibly
make this payment
without becoming

© 2010

Random thought:  The movie “The Princess Bride”  <3 -- “Boo—you had true love.”

True Love

my beloved
sleeps snoring
just a little.    my
heart warms
and breaks.
i feel the tug
of a bad country
song scolding
me for my

© 2010

Not happy thoughts this morning.  These stirrings align with Christine’s thoughts:  “They [demons] show up as voices inside of us undermining or confusing us with their conflicting desires.  Often it is because we want to resist them so strongly we never get a chance to hear what wisdom they might offer to us.”  Ugh. 


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  • Beth

    I’ve been saying ‘ugh’ a lot lately as I too go through the Lenten study with Christine…(I’m quite sure Christine has nothing to do with the ‘ugh’!). Turning to look at our tormenting demons is required. I love that line from Princess Bride, as well….ugh.Have fun storming the castle….

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