Tuesday, June 15

What If God Was One of Us?

It's been a bad week. So bad I'm almost afraid to hear the latest news. What's going to happen next?

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do if you had a chance to be God? Or what would God do if He/She/whatever your chosen pronoun is had a chance to be one of us? It's easy to say that you could do a better job fixing the world's problems than God does. It's also easy to say things about people who are different from you when you forget that God created and put a divine spark in each of them.

So many of the systems we live within are broken. There's so many "-ism"'s in today's society--racism, sexism, ableism--that come between the people God created. Why? We were given free will.

Free will is part of that divine spark. It makes us human. But it doesn't have to be used to break down and apart the world as we know it. We can all do something to stop what is happening to our world. If you want to see the change, be the change! If you want to fix broken systems, work within the ones you can and tear down the ones you can't and start from scratch.

It's all possible if we do our part.

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