Monday, June 14

“…what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
Mary Oliver

It's remarkable how small things can bring big joy into our lives: like the gifts of poetry, writing and blogging for me.  It could be both an occupational and a temperamental bias, but I think some kind of artistic endeavor is a necessity for everyone. It's irrelevant whether you practice your art as an amateur or a pro. What's important is that you honor the creative spirit within. Play an instrument. Paint a picture.Write a play or be in one. Keep a journal or a nature sketch paid or collect photographs of your day. Practice whatever art haunts you. I'm haunted by writing and reading.  I'm not sure I'd know what I think if I didn't write. It's the best way for me to understand myself and others and to enter Sacred Space. God, if you will, needs some way to speak to and through us.

Blogging - which can be adapted to virtually all the arts -  is for me a sort of  therapy. In a quiet way, it is my rebellion against elitism in the world of poetry. My joy comes from featuring talented but lesser know poets and underrepresented voices. I also feature poetry and arts initiatives that stand for ideals in which I believe, for peace, sustainability and social justice. I support freedom of expression.

My purpose is to gratify my own pleasure in the world of poetry, to acknowledge poets, to encourage poets and writers (including those just finding their voices) and to honor the space in which the arts bare witness and offer us comfort and vision.

The name of my site, “The Poet by Day”,  is not a reference to me. It is in part to remind myself not to stay up all night reading and writing. However fun that might be, it’s just not healthy.

“The Poet by Day” gives a nod to a desire I believe I share with other creative people (that would be everyone): that our art is/could be our day job. The name, however, is primarily meant as encouragement to take it a day at a time, to be present in this moment and in our work, and to regularly exercise the artistic muscle ...

I hope people create art as the spirit moves them to and in whatever form/s feel natural to them, without comparing their work to that of others or worrying unduly about publication, sales, art shows and other such applause. You need no imprimatur but your own. The daily order is to free your creative spirit. Your poetry – or whatever subtle alchemy calls to you – is first a gift you give to yourself. All else will follow.

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