Monday, June 21

What do you do when you are resting?

by Constanza CC (BY-SA)
by Constanza

On a day set aside for rest, what do you do? What I have learned from Rabbi Heschel's, The Sabbath, is that a primary side-effect of honoring Sabbath is experiencing joy! experiencing gratitude! experiencing peace! No matter what our belief system is, gratitude, joy, and peace are definitely positive experiences!

So today, I'd like to offer you some questions for meditation on gratitude. Maybe this will be just a small moment in time where you can slow down, beguine again, and setting aside that which ensnares you experience a moment to breathe fully into peacefulness.

Ready? Settle your feet on the ground comfortably. Wiggle your toes. Ground yourself into connection with the earth. If you feel movement in your body, put your hand there. Is your heart reacting? Rest your hand on your heart. Stomach? Rest your hand there. Read each set of questions below and allow yourself full time and space to really reflect on what is asked.

1. What do you really want, when you complain? What do you really want, when you express thanks or gratitude? What do you generally get in response to both complaining and thanksgiving?

2. When do you complain? When do you praise?

3. What makes you open and susceptible to complaining? What makes you open and susceptible to feeling grateful?

4. For both complaining and gratitude, what are the factors that depend on you, rather than on external circumstances?

5. Is there anything you want or need to do about your complaining or your complaints? Is there anything you want or need to do about your gratitude?

6. Right in this moment, what are you most thankful for?

7. What have you learned to be thankful for, that you used to take for granted (or even complain about)?

Fill in the blank: Today, I have found gratitude in _______________________________________ .

Now, return your attention to your body. Where are you feeling energy? Notice what is stirring within you. Starting at the top of your head, attend to your body and allow your attention to go to your feet touching the ground. Shake yourself every so gently. Or sway. Bring movement into your presence. Stretch your feet. Return to the day at hand.

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  • WHen I’m resting: I saw mindlessly at HGTV program House Hunters International (truth)
    When I complain: I am usually feeling sorry for myself and I shed tears.
    I’m grateful I have eyes that can see and tears that shed.

    Thanks for the reflection today Terri and putting some of my current struggle with my illness in perspective. I mean it – the above is not said in jest.

    • I get frustrated with my state of being. I don’t even know if I should call it “illness,” it just is. Auto-immune disorders are just a part of life that I have to deal with. I can get pretty pissy and sorrowful.

      While I don’t know your walk, I know some intersectionality. My heart resonates.

      Peace to you.

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