Monday, June 14

wearing down stone

IMG_20140528_152115086the sun came out of hiding this morning,
it peeked in on me, disturbing my sleep,
its persistence, like a question nagging
as I play on the verge of knowing, of finding,
of touching and wearing and loving the seat
of my soul, perhaps my heart, a place from
which to think and be and I am no lonelier
than any tree anchored to the earth, reaching

outside a bird builds its nest, steadfast in its
construction, ants on the march for food
people going to work, the roar of the freeway,
incomprehensible, building and rushing ~
on this earth you earn your keep, how tidy
and how untidy, this way of forming a self
by working against the rhythms of the heart,
which wants nothing more or less than flow ~
flow, like the rivers flow, wearing down stone

© 2015, poem and photograph, Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day), All rights reserved

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