Tuesday, June 15

We Interrupt This Story to Blog Against Disablism

Yes, I know I said I would publish the end of the story I started telling you all last week, and I will. But since May 1 was Blogging Against Disablism Day, I hope you all won't mind a short intermission to talk about some things that are relevant to my life in other ways.

I participated in a writing festival today and was able to tell my story of how the place we live has affected my life and made me who I am. However, I almost missed the opportunity because Asheville doesn't have the kind of budget to provide an effective paratransit system that will allow people with disabilities to travel to more than medical appointments. My partner was working today, and I had no one to drive me to the festival. I got in touch with the head of the festival and offered to drop out. She said she would find someone to drive me. She told me today that there was no way she was going to let me be left out. I'm part of her community, and she wanted to share me with the rest of her community, I could have wept right then. So many missed opportunities I've had to be part of the community and people I love so dearly because I don't drive, my partner's schedule don't allow it, and there's no transportation options that exist just so people with disabilities can live their lives fully as part of the world around them.

Somebody asked me last week what the issue on my heart was that I was calling readers to do justice for/to. I guess you can consider this the answer to that question for this week. It's not my only issue, but finding ways for people with disabilities to live well and function effectively in their communities is definitely an issue I hope you will think seriously about. Please make room for us in the world--we'll make your community a better place.

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2015

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