Thursday, July 29

The Kingdom of God is Within You

Wakeful Wednesday - Where do you see the presence of the divine? Transcendence? That which is beyond words? I am totally stuck on the idea of nonviolence for the last couple days, so I'm going to share where I see God within that right now.

What does that even mean? The Kingdom of God is within you. This is from Christian scripture, the Gospel of Luke, chapter 17, verse 21. Woah! That is pretty radical. The Kingdom is not out there, over there, up there, or down there. It is right here. Within. That is definitely not what I was taught when I was a little girl. But I believe it. However, what does that mean?

What are the qualities of the Kingdom of God? Drawing from my tradition, I would say the qualities can be summed up in love! Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Okay, that is pithy! Now what! What is love? What is God? What is neighbor? and What is yourself? I think it all starts with yourself and how you love you.

What if you had no more denigration?

What if you had no more self hate?

What if you had no more talk that you were not good enough?

What if you removed all of your own talk that does violence to your own soul? Your own spirit?

What if all of that STOPPED?

What then?

You would be filled with patience.

You will be filled with joy.

You will be filled with love.

You will be filled with peace.

You will be filled.

And when you are filled with patience, joy, love, leading to peace, it will bubble over and you will begin to see all other people as worthy of these qualities. You will love your neighbor. And you will transcend your particular circumstances and love will extend through you, to others, and into Holy Mystery. The Kingdom of God is within you.

Interior nonviolence leads to exterior nonviolence leads to a transformed world. 

Today, I am awake to the Kingdom of God that resides within me and within every single particle of being-ness in the created cosmos.

If you'd like to do some work on self acceptance, here is a 10 minute video that is a meditation on just that topic.

Shalom and Amen.


New Heaven by Terri Stewart aka Cloaked Monk
New Heaven
by Terri Stewart
aka Cloaked Monk

(c) 2014, T. Stewart

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