Monday, June 21

Awake to Enough

Wednesday, our focus is being awake to the surrounding movement of grace and love in our lives. Where it has been especially present and where it has been especially absent. As I was trolling through photos, trying to find one that represented the idea I initially had, I found the below photo. It spoke to me through all the preconceptions of what I wanted to find and told me that I had found the right thing.

Sometimes, we forget all the precious things that we are. We are love. We are compassion. We are gratitude. We are impatience. We are quirky. We are justice. We are merciful. We are gift. We are help. We are.

Remembering the creation story, we are created in the very image of G*d and it was is very, very good. And if G*d is love, we are love. At our very core, we are love. And that is always enough.

The photographer of this photo makes a list of all the places she finds life-giving. I wonder what you would put at the top of the list?

#1-I am enough.

#2-We are enough.

#3-G*d is enough.

#4- _________________


Please click the photo and go check out the fabulous list the artist shares with us.


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