Thursday, July 29

Finding the Creative Spirit on Wakeful Wednesday

Last night was the event I had been waiting for! Manifest Your heART! Exploring the Mandala process. What was exciting was the group of people that came together. Old friends, new friends, unknown friends, online friends, family friends...Twelve souls came together into a room to explore their connection with the Cosmos through the sacred mandala path. That is where I saw the Divine at work this week--In the delighted interactions of new friends and old. What could be a better conveyor of grace that friends? Both new and old?

What has awakened in your innermost being?

What is calling out for your attention?

My particular mandala was exploring the word "grounding." I offer this micro poem:

seeds sprout in silence
embedding deeply
within my joyous heart

Mandalas by Terri Stewart
by Terri Stewart


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