Saturday, June 19

What Wondrous Love!

Today, I reflect on the feeling of wondrous love! I was talking to a potential volunteer today and we were talking about spiritual practices - those practices that sustain you and strengthen you so that you can live a life of spiritual depth and traverse through difficult journeys. I always ask my volunteers what their practices are. Why? Because the stories we hear in incarceration ministry can rock your world. Stories of hopelessness, anger, betrayal, and violence abound. How do you handle that unless you are grounded in something that sustains you? Anyway, I asked him what practices sustain him. He thought about it and then turned the question around, asking, "What do you do?" The first thing that popped into my mind was photography!

Photography is the practice that sustains me, connects me to creation, allows me to see Wondrous Love in the world--in the wild! It isn't simply the photography, but it is the walking, the hiking, the immersion into the created world, and the capturing of a sunbeam or a child's smile or a buzzing bumblebee. Sometimes, I take the same hike and deliberately leave my camera at home, capturing only with my eyes and heart the beauty I see. It's like catch and release fishing. I notice for the sheer joy of noticing the beauty of the cosmos. That sustains me. It is creation and it is good, very good!

I recently spent the weekend at Camp Indianola on the Kitsap Peninsula. There was so much beauty going on, it was crazy. You can look through my flickr feed to see the breadth of the amazing work of the Divine. I was particularly captivated by this little yellow bird (and forgive my lack of bird knowledge, it's a problem). I just do not encounter such brightly colored critters in the wild of the PacNW! So I decided to share my brief and colorful moment today to illustrate what I see as pure gift, pure wonder. Pure Wondrous Love.

What wakes you to Wondrous Love? Is there a practice you would share with us here?

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