Update on Seminary Progress

Well, then...Guess what?  I will be walking on June 10 in the commencement ceremony.  I am not quite "graduated" because the university cancelled one of my planned & required classes that I will take in the fall.  But for all intents and purposes, I am done.

I have decided that means I should be more intentional with my blogging.  I think I am going to define my blogging in terms of moments.  We shall see how it goes!  Here's what I'm planning (and please...let me know what you think!)

Monday-Lectionary Moment
Tuesday-Creative Moment
Wednesday-Haiku Moment
Thursday-Liturgy Moment
Friday-Theology Moment
Saturday-Present Moment
Sunday-Sacred Moment

And, as always, I will pepper it with sharing moments as I reblog those beautiful, provocative posts that I discover!

I'm hoping to get several weeks in front of the lectionary / liturgy so that it may become a resource for people as they desire (or not).

Do you care to join me on my journey?


  1. becca givens said on May 30, 2012
    Lovely plan -- look forward to enjoying your thoughts and creative shares. Congratulations for all your hard work! :D
  2. granbee said on June 4, 2012
    I am very much with you during each "moment", Terri! I think you can safely assume that each of the my critterly journey segments will reflect a moment of enlightenment upon how I should rise up to meet the bumps in my own road of life!

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