Monday, June 21

Unanswered Questions

Jane Louise Rankin Kimble
Jane Louise Rankin Kimble

what did you do when i didn't
     sleep through the night?
was potty-training an easy task?
do you remember fifth grade
     and the sudden influx of hormones?
or junior high and the
     sudden influx of attitude?
what about your body changing?
     is that a possibility?
tumors, unwanted? 
     how did you cope?
and when i graduated,
     the oldest child,
     how did you feel and 
     what did you do?
oh, and hot flashes,
     what did you do?
so many questions,
     forever unanswered,
your voice travels
in my heart
     and in my soul
the details are just that
words floating in the air
answers ungiven
but your voice is full
     of the broad strokes
     of love and generosity
     of aching for children
     and of beaming with joy.
those questions are complete.


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