Friday, June 18

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights on a TreeTwinkle lights
on a tree
during the day
after Christmas.

Something coming? Or something past?

~Terri Stewart
January, 2011
A Small Stone

There is much talk about post-modern Christianity, post-modern church, and even becoming post-denominational or post-Christian.  Meaning the world and the way faith communities operate better change or they will be left behind, left out, and left to die.  This is especially prevalent in the great unwashed Pacific NW.  Here to be part of a faith community is unusual.  80% of people are not in a faith community.  So, is Christmas dying?  i.e. is Christianity a remant of the past? Or does it still hold something?  What is that something?  How can it become something new?  What is the new thing being born?  What needs to pass away? 

P.S.  Pink font indicates humor.  Sometimes inappropriate, sometimes sarcastic, but definitely not serious!


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