Monday, June 14

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Angry storm clouds

Flashing impassive bolts

Igniting dead wood


Job 36-37

Today, Elijah/Elihu goes further into his own theology.  It is one where God punishes the wicked swiftly and quickly. I think this is the world we wish was true. That those who hurt us would experience cosmic karma swiftly. But do we? Sometimes, our in the moment thought of revenge passes as we recover our values for love, mercy, justice, and peace.

The most humorous part of these two chapters is Elijah/Elihu's (E.) declaration that he "will draw from his broad knowledge" and has "total knowledge" (36:3-4). Oh, Elijah. A wee bit full of yourself, are you? Also, "none of the wise can see him {God}." Yep. Only E. knows best. *side eye*

Random thought: I apologize for the male only language for God. I'd like to be more inclusive but I want to stick with the actual translation since I am looking at the words of the translator for good and ill.

The worst part is when E. insists that God "saves the weak in their affliction, opens their ears THROUGH OPPRESSION." (36:15). Uh, no. Oppression doesn't save people. I mean, people can find meaningful lives while being oppressed but it is not the act of oppression that is a saving grace. Come on.

Then the tough parts that have truth, "whether for punishment, for his world, or for his kindness, God makes it all happen." If we believe in an omni-God, then this has to be true. God is where responsibility ultimately resides. If we believe in an omni-God. There are other choices of belief.

Job's friends are done! Tomorrow, God's response. Can't wait! For realsies.

The leadership challenge if you have an E. before you is to bridge the gap between your knowledge and the polarized developmental stage E. is in. That means you have to enter the mindset and find the commonality and bridge it out to a wider pool of wisdom. This is long and slow work. Also for realsies.


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