Monday, July 26

Tuesdays Thoughts: It’s a Pharoah Economy

I'm about one-week into my post-surgery recovery. Today, I feel a little shaky so I'd love all your thoughts and prayers and energy! I'm sharing my musings on the beginnings of the birth story of Moses and my art and haiku.


Daily #haiku and #Bible journaling

come on, let's be smart
lock all children in cages
they are not like us

#Advent Day 10
#Exodus 1

Yikes. Before getting into this horrifying passage, I want to remember the births we have witnessed so far. The births are: the cosmos (Gen 1), families (Gen 2), Cain & Abel (Gen 4), Ishmael (Gen 16), and Isaac (Gen 21). Do you see a theme?

Well, when I read Exodus 1, I was gobsmacked. I thought, "Switch out murder with cages and you have our national dialogue."

White folks have constructed a social order that uplifts white priorities (i.e. white supremacy) and when we see that black and brown folks are "growing stronger" and we cast them as terrorists joining forces "with our enemies" (Ex 1:10), we create structures that criminalize and oppress. Then, in spite of the oppression, black and brown folks still succeed, they are looked upon with "disgust and dread" (Ex 1:12). Then we lock up black and brown bodies and enforce labor on them in prisons and camps (Ex. 1:14). We say that black women aren't like white women, excuse me, Egyptian women, and that they are stronger and scarier (myth of the strong black woman) (Ex. 1:19). Then we enact family separation (Ex. 1:22).

Yesterday, two black women on Facebook, Ericka Hines and Desiree Lynn Adaway were suspended on Facebook for sharing the exact same post that I shared (I shared it from Ericka Hines' page). I was not suspended and the post was untouched. She was. It means people are actively looking for ways to shut powerful black women down while I am not shut down. Hmm…how are we different? Let me ponder this for a while.

Come on now.

Pharoah is alive and oppressive in this day and age. Who says the Bible isn't political?

And here's a quote from an interview to help if you need it from Roxane Gay (thanks to Ericka Hines):

"RAZ: How do you sort of think of - you - sometimes you hear people say, well, I have no identity. I'm a human or I'm…

GAY: That's nonsense. Yeah, that's what white people say because they can afford to because no one is ever going to question that they belong in a given space. It shows what power does to identity. Power makes you feel like you belong everywhere. And that is actually the underpinning of colonialism. So the two are intertwined. But for some of us, it makes us recognize the limits of our power. And for others, it makes people think that there is no limit to their power."

For #leaders, I'm just going to say that sometimes we have to speak truth. Truth to power. Truth to ourselves. Truth to our loved ones. Truth. Speak it.

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