Monday, June 21

Tuesday’s Thoughts: It’s a Gay Wedding

Tuesday's Haiku and journaling

The twelve are gathered

Considering inclusion

The gate swings open


Ruth 3-4

Ruth has been set up with Boaz.

A few things to note, in the Bible, when it talks about feet, it often means male sex organs. And in this scripture specifically, There are feet, lying down together, and shuddering, and covering. This is sex, my friends.

So Ruth and Boaz have sex. Boaz and then needs to clear everything with the rest of the community. He is one of the 12 that gather at the gate to decide what to do with the Ruth and Naomi and their property. He is a redeemer. He states there is another redeemer greater than him. This is someone who is closer in relationship with Naomi them Boaz and has first rights on Naomi’s property.

And yet the gathering of the 12 at the gate cannot be anything less than a metaphor for all of Israel…The 12 tribes.

The 12 tribes come into an agreement that incorporating Ruth, a Gentile, into their lineage is preserving the inheritance of Israel. They have blessed Ruth to be like Rachel and Leah who built the house of Israel.

Tamar is also brought up. She had to disguise herself as a prostitute in order to get her rights through Judah. That is how she guarantees her place in the family.

It is interesting to see this in the story because perhaps Ruth’s actions could be seen in the same light as Tamar’s actions. Tamar was included in the family and so is Ruth.

Also interesting, is the lineage of King David stated here before David comes on the scene. So I think that Ruth was written after David. And that it was written as a reason to either justify David’s gentile lineage or to justify bringing gentiles into the family of god. Since so much of this is a metaphor, I am going to opt for the second belief. This shows the good that rises from including those we consider other into our vision of family. It is probably a both/and!

This is a wedding of inclusion! Or, in today's terms, a big fat gay wedding!

From a leadership perspective, this makes me ask the question of where do our ideas come from? Where does growth come from? Are we making sure that we listen to all voices? Or are we privileging those who are on the inside?

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