Sunday, August 1

Tuesday’s Temptation: Forgetting Who We Are

The news is full of all the horribleness.  Conspiracy theorists rule the day in our news cycles, hate seems to be seeping out of every poor of the world, and criminal activity around the globe lands on your doorstep or laptop or phone with hourly aplomb.

But that is not who we are.

This weekend, at BeguineAgain and at, we hosted a live event and encouraged 🙂 events around the world that included:

  • Picnics for all
  • Presentations
  • Multi-Faith Gatherings
  • Blogs 
  • Dreaming big of creating an NGO to fight hate
  • Inter-denominational gatherings
  • Multi-ethnic gatherings
  • Prayers in faith communities
  • Art
  • Poetry

Our reach was much broader than the 24 people that showed up for the white supremacy march in Washington, D.C.  Maybe, just maybe, we can rejoice that hate is crawling back under the rock it escaped from.  I want to remember that doesn't mean hate is gone, just that it's boldness has receded.  But!  We did that! We were part of the solution!

It is easy to go back to business and forget the good that just happened.  Not just for our group, but for a world that came together and stood up and showed that they will not stand for this nonsense!

A cartoon from Matt Wuerker showed it perfectly:

Matt Wuerker Cartoon hosted at


My prayer for you this day is that you will remember the moments in time that prove that we did say yes to Love, that we continue to say yes to Love and that these moments prove that we are building a movement for a more just, merciful, and compassionate world.



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