Monday, June 14

Tuesday’s Temptation: Finding a new way to look at things

Today, rather than talk about temptations, I'm going to share my daily journal practice.  It is biblical in nature but often the questions are generalizable.  I have been reading and contemplating scripture through the lens of leadership.  The more I read, the more I am convinced that nothing has changed.  Perhaps that is the temptation--to think that we are unique unicorns when in fact, we are the same as the people before us.

In my daily journal practice, I create art directly into my Bible and write some sort of poetic response, most frequently haiku.  By next week, I'll be done with Isaiah and looking into Song of Songs.

by Terri Stewart

Drawn from the sea
A people remembered:
You are my delight

Isaiah 63-64
Whew! I'm getting close to the end of Isaiah. In these chapters, Israel is back on the land and apparently, already breaking the covenant. How do we know? Because Isaiah is telling Israel to shape up and exhorting her to remember where she came from. Making references to the flood and the parting of the red sea.

The lesson for leaders might be that when people start going sideways, remembering your foundational stories can be helpful. Why are you who you are? How did you become that people? What makes you unique and a blessing for the world? How does that fit with who you reveal yourself to be today?

My prayer for you:  That you will lead people in such a way that they discover more of who they truly are.



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