Monday, July 26

Tuesday’s Temptation: Acceptance

Acceptance is a fine line to walk.  One has to accept what is while working towards changing the world to be more merciful and just.  It is a paradox--acceptance and change.  I come to these thoughts after the ragged theology of Jefferson Sessions was used to justify taking children away from their parents.  It is so easy to be overwhelmed be media in this circumstance.  To just accept what seems, to me, to be indescribable evil.  Seeing the photos of children crying.  Hearing the stories of heartbreak.

Being overwhelmed on a daily basis leads to inaction which leads to a perverted acceptance of a new status quo of horror.

This is not okay.  We cannot give in.  We cannot accept.  We must offer change.

Now, how do we do that?  That is the next task!  Thinking of strategies that create change.  Now, to be obvious, I'm going to restate the truth that the only change we can create is change within ourselves.  So how do we become changed enough that we open up to changing the world?

This kind of deep change requires that we fall in love with ourselves, with the world, and with the people we would demonize.  Perhaps part of our path is to hold a loving intention towards all.  Maybe the hardest part of that is holding that loving intention towards yourself.

My prayer for you, for me, is that we can discover together that core of accepting and loving ourselves that leads us into being a catalyst for change in the world.


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