Wednesday, June 16

Tuesday’s Prayer Practice

Week four of Christine Sine's prayers.  She comes from a Celtic Christian tradition. Christine's bio is below.

God may I enter
the silence,
not of soul,
not of place,
but of attitude.
God may I enter
that place of
inner sabbath
and find
rest in you.


Christine Sine is a contemplative activist, an author and in a previous life a medical practitioner. She is co-founder of Mustard Seed Associates She facilitates retreats and workshops on creative spirituality, gardening and spirituality and Celtic spirituality. Her latest book is Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray.!/Return-to-Our-Senses-Reimagining-How-We-Pray/p/10669775/category=1650008 She blogs regularly on Follow her on twitter ; instagram; pinterest: and Facebook  and for daily prayers: Light for the Journey

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