Wednesday, June 23

Tuesday’s Prayer Practice

Week three of Christine Sine's prayers.  She comes from a Celtic Christian tradition. Christine's bio is below.

Let us sit in the place
of holy waiting,
looking, listening, hoping,
in the tension of now
but not yet.
Let us wait in patience and trust
not knowing, not comfortable,
anticipating God's response.
Let us wait in faith and trust,
not passive but active,
repenting, sharing, serving,
waiting for something
that will change our lives forever.


Christine Sine is a contemplative activist, an author and in a previous life a medical practitioner. She is co-founder of Mustard Seed Associates She facilitates retreats and workshops on creative spirituality, gardening and spirituality and Celtic spirituality. Her latest book is Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray.!/Return-to-Our-Senses-Reimagining-How-We-Pray/p/10669775/category=1650008 She blogs regularly on Follow her on twitter ; instagram; pinterest: and Facebook  and for daily prayers: Light for the Journey

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