Trying to fly away from it all

Have you ever wished you could fly away from all your stress? From everything in your life you thought would be different in your life than it really is? Have you ever just thought of putting your best self forward like the butterfly does, holding things lightly, taking yourself and your problems just a little less seriously?

I'm an overthinket. I know that's true, and I don't think there's any kind of 12-step group for us. I want to take each of my problems and worry them to death. Over and over and over until everyone around me gets sick and tired of hearing the same story rehashed over and over.

I want a new story. I want to rewrite my narrative. I want to reinvent myself and be the person I am at my very best. This butterfly is my symbol. She changed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Maybe I can too.

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  1. silentlyheardonce said on August 30, 2015
    Write your future and store the past for days when you need old memories. If you rehash the past over and over you might miss today.

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