Wednesday, August 4

Trying to Do Justice to What God Created

Donna McLaughlin Schwender

Donna McLaughlin Schwender

I saw this picture that Donna McLaughlin Schwender had created, and it started me thinking about the process of creation. It's easier for us humans to create something that doesn't already exist than to try to copy something that is naturally part of Creation, like this gorgeous flower.

If you look at what Donna has done, she has portrayed her photo to look so similar to the real flower, it's almost impossible to tell which is the real flower and which is the photograph.

If I were to try to do something similar with my words, it wouldn't be possible. I couldn't capture the colors, the images, the scent, the softness of the petals in the same way. I could talk about all these things, but they would be harder for you to experience.

I guess that's why we have so many ways to communicate beauty. No single way is enough.

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