Monday, June 21

Timeless, A Hymn to our Spiritual Ammas and Abbas

   Verse 1

The mystery of God floats through the cool air.
Approaching my heart with timeless despair.
With courage and fear I look to the sky.
I follow you up the ladder to die.

Verse 2

In places away from the city I roam
I go to stay and give my heart home
The passions I fight are not alone
the virtues of Love found in the heart’s home

Verse 3

The earth and the sky speak of my true heart
My wrapping does hang wherever thou art
A journey to God is now my life’s goal
to see you and feel you within my soul.

Verse 4

To be in the world is my truest call
But faith is alone, the great gift from God
A justified faith without the good works
Is lost in confusion drowning out mirth.

Verse 5

Love calls us to God when we can sit still
to ponder a vision until we are filled
or to set us free from earthly constraints
forgetting the world and all its restraints.

Verse 6

Once betrothed to God, the ring of faith
does deepen its tie with the soul’s fair maid
a marriage with the bridegroom grows
as freedom and trust in God’s repose

Image:  Desert Mothers found here

Composed by:  Terri Stewart, March 9, 2009
All right reserved

My challenge to you:  match the references with the verse!  Please note that some of these folks have very similar theologies and their references may overlap.

The Cloud of Unknowing Author
St. Brendan
St. Brigid
Desert Mothers and Fathers
Julian of Norwich
Teresa of Avila


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