Wednesday, June 16

Three Muses

by Judith Westerfield All Rights Reserved


Three Muses: Longing, Pain & Remorse

judith westerfield

Longing propels my deafening search

Desperation fuels

Blindly facing forward

toward illusion of what might be

beyond human grasp

searching for Him I cannot see

Pain leads me astray

denuding sightlines

clutching belief it should not be

Not yet knowing all is right

to guide me, guide me

through my night

Remorse picks at my broken bones

debriding waste and wanting

waiting for Him Who turns the tide

to know


all suffering

I am here to abide

The Phoenix fire someday

will wash away what’s not

and bath me in what is.

For love’s my given quest

Someday I will know, I will know

I am thrice blessed


*     *     *

 Judith Westerfield

Judith Westerfield

My belief in the tenants of the Baha’i World Faith has helped me figure out that my fibromyalgia and heart arrhythmias are teachers, nothing more, nothing less. The lessons these life-altering conditions give me about my physical body, my emotional mind and my spiritual being (not that I originally THOUGHT I needed these kind of lessons) inform the choices I make day to day, hour to hour.


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