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Thoughtful Thursday: Shaping Feminist Spirituality

Thoughtful Thursday is designed to provoke our thinking of how we think about God or the Divine. 

Excerpted from Ms. BlogFuture of Feminism: Shaping Feminist Spirituality.

March 25, 2012 by Aviva Dove-Viebahn


Despite (or perhaps because of) the patriarchy of many organized religions, feminism and spirituality have long-standing–if not universally-accepted–ties, from ancient goddess worship to contemporary Christian, Jewish, Buddhism, Pagan and Muslim feminisms. Today, I want to chronicle just a few of of the diverse intersections of feminism and spirituality in our modern world.

The Women Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) is a great example of how non-denominational religious and spiritual practices can be marshaled for social justice. Founded in 1983 by Mary E. Hunt and Dianne L. Neu, WATER’s programs include spiritual counseling, resources for feminist theologians, work opportunities for people with disabilities and a series of teleconferences on subjects as diverse as queer politics and the intersections of race, class and spirituality. Hunt told the Ms. Blog:

Our common goal is to empower women to make choices about and contributions to their own spirituality as they engage in justice work … Both feminism and spirituality focus on important quality of life issues. … While postmodernity is well on the way to jettisoning patriarchal religions (albeit not fast enough), there is still a widespread hunger for spiritual nourishment, for making sense of the world’s complexities. Religions do that, not by their dogmas or doctrines, but by the mere fact of connecting people who want ask questions together and try out various answers.

For the younger set of spiritual feminists, there’s Trista Hendren’s forthcoming children’s book The Girl God. Raising her children in both Islamic and Christian traditions, Hendren realized that her daughter was being “fundamentally excluded from both religions in a way that was damaging to her”:

When I asked her if she believed God lived within her, she said she did not. But when I asked if perhaps she had a Girl God living within her, she awakened to spirituality in a way she never had before.


A reminder about what Thoughtful Thursday is:

Theos – God, Logos – Words

So, literally, theos-logos, theology, is words about God. These are some of my favorite thoughts! I ask myself what is my relationship to the Divine? What is the Divine’s relationship to others? Other people? Other things? Other components of the world? Other components of the cosmos? How can we stretch our thoughts to be more, simply more?

What are your theos-logos? What questions would you ponder?

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