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Thoughtful Thursday: Magic God

Thoughtful Thursday is designed to provoke our thinking of how we think about God or the Divine. 


One of my favorite stories about humanity is in the Bible and it is the story of Saul-who became the first king of the Israelites and Samuel-the prophet who anointed him. The story of Saul's anointing goes like this:

Backstory: The Israelites wanted a king to lead them, not silly old Judges or Prophets!

Saul was at home, hanging out with his family and some of the donkeys escaped. Now Saul was a young, teenage boy--typical of every hero in the Bible--youngest son, not viewed as a testosterone filled leader. Saul's task, assigned by his family, was to go get the donkeys and return them  home!

So Saul goes on the road. He looked here and there, and the donkeys were not there. He looked over there and over here, and the donkeys were not there. Finally, the servant travelling with Saul says, "Let's go ask the seer in town!" The seer was the prophet Samuel.

Saul travels to the seer, Samuel. Samuel tells Saul that he is destined to control the future of the Israelites. Saul says, "I'm a Benjamite, from the smallest clan! Surely not me!"

Samuel and Saul eat and then Samuel anoints Saul to become the king. Samuel then sends Saul on his way home.

Saul travels home with Samuel's instructions. He travels home and even encounters other prophets on the road, goes into a prophetic frenzy worshiping God, and arrives home.

His uncle asks, "Where have you been?!"

Saul said, "Well, we couldn't find the donkeys, so we visited Samuel."

Saul says nothing of the anointing by Samuel, the prophetic frenzy on the side of the road, or of being made king! Nothing!

Then, Samuel comes to seek Saul out. Samuel gathers all the tribes together to "determine who will be king."

Samuel "casts lots." (Throws dice!)

Among the gathered tribes, he throws his dice, and Lo! The Tribe of Benjamin is chosen.

Among the families in the tribe of Benjamin, he throws his dice, and Lo! The family of Matri was chosen.

Among the people in the family of Matri, Samuel throws his dice, and Lo! Saul is chosen king. Saul, who was hiding in the supply closet was chosen to be the king.




Does God magically turn the dice so they land properly each time?

Did Samuel know what God wanted and load the dice so that it would not even be a question?

Does God break the laws of nature that were created by God to make a point? Or does God work with the laws of nature and human ingenuity to make things happen?

Does God have a magic wand?

How do you think about God?


A reminder about what Thoughtful Thursday is:

Theos – God, Logos – Words

So, literally, theos-logos, theology, is words about God. These are some of my favorite thoughts! I ask myself what is my relationship to the Divine? What is the Divine’s relationship to others? Other people? Other things? Other components of the world? Other components of the cosmos? How can we stretch our thoughts to be more, simply more?

What are your theos-logos? What questions would you ponder?

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