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Thoughtful Thursday: Being Thoughtful

Being Thoughtful

"Thoughtfulness takes an objective look at the process of thinking and helps to make the process more efficient and useful by reducing the impact of low-quality thoughts (the ones that don’t help us be who we want to be). Unlike other approaches that seek to ‘tame’ or ‘limit’ the mind to create a certain effect, Thoughtfulness focuses on freeing the mind, allowing thoughts to flow and using only those thoughts that are most productive." ~Kalani Das


It seems to me that our society is exhibiting a dearth of thoughtfulness - no matter how you define it! Thoughtfulness as in being caring and thinking about what the other person needs or thoughtfulness as in being curious to have more thoughts and to delve deeper into the truth of the situation. Why would I say this? Eh, perhaps I am jaded (but I'm not), but the evidence I see on a macro scale through the mediums that present - news, television, social media - seems to speak to a lack of thoughtfulness.

Let's take a single issue - guns. Rarely does a discussion happen about guns, cause and effect, deaths, or potential laws. The discussion becomes, "Guns kill." Responding with, "People kill. And the second amendment, so there."


There is no thoughtfulness. There are no flowing thoughts and there is no productive conversation. Again, there is no thoughtfulness. There is no tender loving care for the neighbor or whoever we call the other.

I shall make a modest proposal. We are less thoughtul because we are tired, because our time is filled filling our immediate needs in such a way that we never even wonder about deepest desires. That is a recipe for depression, thoughtlessness, and selfishness that focuses on our own tribe (family group, community, however you define that) rather than the tribes of all.

It is time to slow down, begin again, and reclaim thoughtfulness as a spiritual practice.

And now, a lesson from Winnie the Pooh:

There in the Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh is generally a very happy young cub.  He helps his friends, enjoys the outdoors and never loses his patience.  He loves his honey, and his only real worry is seeing to it he has a plentiful supply.

Just outside the hollow tree where he lives is a log that is used for sitting.  Beside the log is a sign that reads, “The Thotful Spot.”

“Winnie always sat at his thoughtful spot when he wanted to have thoughts.

Why he wanted to have thoughts, he had never thought about.

So, that was what he thought about now.

He thought, and thought, and thought but no thought came into his mind.

‘Oh bother.’ he said

“Why can’t I have a thought today?”

Well, maybe because Tigger is so passionate about life that he bounces on everything including Pooh at his Thotful Spot. Tiggers are “wonderful things” but sometimes he can be annoying especially when Pooh is trying to think.

So when Tigger isn’t bouncing around, which is almost never, and Pooh has a problem or a confusing question, he returns to the Thotful Spot to think.  He doesn’t always come up with the right answers.  But he always comes away with an idea.  And he always comes away happy.

Where is your thoughtful spot? What does it feel like to consider slowing down and beginning again? Where do you feel it in your body? Does anxiety rise? Does your heart gasp, "Yes!"?

Colin and Eeyore Thirteen Years Ago
Colin and Eeyore
Thirteen Years Ago


A reminder about what Thoughtful Thursday is:

Theos – God, Logos – Words

So, literally, theos-logos, theology, is words about God. These are some of my favorite thoughts! I ask myself what is my relationship to the Divine? What is the Divine’s relationship to others? Other people? Other things? Other components of the world? Other components of the cosmos? How can we stretch our thoughts to be more, simply more?

What are your theos-logos? What questions would you ponder?

Shalom and Amen.



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