Friday, June 18

Thoughtful Thursday: What is God?

Thoughtful Thursday is designed to provoke our thinking of how we think about God or the Divine. 

Quoted From Pat Montgomery Excerpt from Plant Spirit Healing, A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness

Various religions refer to spirit as God or an aspect thereof, so many people's immediate reaction to the word "spirit" is one of religious connotation. What I find in religion in general is that the structure of religion tends to limit the spirit that is at its core. The foundation of rules and regulations that underlies the structure of the house of religion and the trappings of how to get to heaven become far more important than the spirit that dwells in the house so that, in some cases, the house seems vacant. Glenda Green interprets, "While structure is necessary to physical existence, it results only in isolation, frustration, judgement, and arrogance when given power in the spiritual realm. This has been a recurring problem within the organized religion, and many spiritual empires have failed simply because they were based on structures of the mind and human authority." What is important to remember is that religion came about because of spirit not the other way around. The fabric of one's beliefs that is woven into the cloak of religion is a useless garment without the spirit to wear the cloak. Pastor Shirley Oskamp recognizes that spirituality is the life breath of religion and must be a part of it" and that you can't go to church each week and "expect easy answers or pray in this way and you'll be all better. Living a spiritual life is about taking responsibility and taking action. " engaging with spirit in all its many forms.

In working with spirit within and without, we must let any confinements imposed by religion fall away and not get stuck in the orthodox view of spirit that ingrained religion may impose. What is necessary is a new paradigm, a new story of spirit, that, regardless of any religion, is available to us at all times, connecting through our soul and manifesting by way of our heart.

-Pat Montgomery Excerpt from Plant Spirit Healing, A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness


A reminder about what Thoughtful Thursday is:

Theos – God, Logos – Words

So, literally, theos-logos, theology, is words about God. These are some of my favorite thoughts! I ask myself what is my relationship to the Divine? What is the Divine’s relationship to others? Other people? Other things? Other components of the world? Other components of the cosmos? How can we stretch our thoughts to be more, simply more?

What are your theos-logos? What questions would you ponder?

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  • Hey there! Great post. Great assertion when you say religion came from spirit not the other way around. I just started a blog here and invite you to read my first post on spirituality. Check it out!

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