Saturday, July 24

Thoughtful Thurday: Community & Church

Can you find spiritual community outside of church?

This thought was inspired by the story of Mark Sandlin. He walked away from "church" (ecclesia-the gathered) and then found the church at the Wild Goose Festival. Additionally, I am struck by the atheist communities that are coming together to focus on their core values. And there are several online communities, and I have participated in them, that are spiritual but not religious. It is community in a new way--or is it?

Is it community if you never see each other?

Can people come together and be known only as their username or their gravatar? Is this satisfactory? Or is there something missing? Can you deeply connect to other people in such a way that it promotes common, core values such as worship, study, service (United Methodist) or that there is a sacramental (a moment of conveying grace) connection?

What does this mean to you? For you?

So many questions! So few answers!!

What are your questions? Your answers?

Communion of Kayaks
Communion of Kayaks

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