Friday, June 18

The Sound of Water and The Power of Prayer


Oh, the North Carolina blizzard of 2015!! We got not even a half-inch of snow in my part of the mountains, but the ridiculously cold temperatures left a legacy. It didn't last forever, but even though we took the recommended precaution of leaving the water trickling in the sink, we woke up Wednesday morning with no water. Our pipes had frozen overnight. I'm a Southern girl, and it generally doesn't get that cold here. My partner is from Canada, but Canadians know that to keep pipes from freezing, you insulate them. We were both at a loss.

This was an experience I do NOT care to repeat anytime soon. I won't give you the details , but I'm sure you can imagine how much fun the past few days have been. At about 3:45 Eastern time on Saturday afternoon, I finally heard the magical sound of a small trickle, then all the faucets that were turned on and waiting for the pipes to unfreeze started flowing. Can you say hallelujah? I did. I wanted to sing the Hallelujah Chorus in fact. One of the dogs started to bark. I think she had forgotten what the sound of water was like.

Less than five minutes before I heard the sound of water, I posted in one of my Facebook groups that we had been without water for several days and asked them to pray that we would get it back today. Less than five minutes, y'all. I asked for prayer, and these women immediately started praying. Voila! There was water.

I know it sounds simple, and if you choose, you can say, “Well, the weather was getting warmer. Of course, the pipes finally thawed. The timing was just a coincidence.” I don't believe it. I don't believe that for one single minute. It was God working through prayer. You can't tell me differently.

This afternoon I am thankful for the sound of water. I may never complain about the sound of a leak again! Thank you, dear Storytellers, for your prayers.

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