Wednesday, June 16

The Epiphany of Epiphany

Did you know that the three Wise Men weren't at the manger the night of Jesus' birth? I didn't. January 6 or Epiphany is the day we remember the Wise Men. who were also called the Magi, and the Baptism of Jesus when he was thirty.

Not all Christians hold this day sacred. I wonder why, because those days are when Jesus was revealed to the Gentile world as Lord and Savior.

After Epiphany, the liturgical calendar goes into what is called Ordinary Time. I like this name, because it seems to encompass the transition back into our regular lives and routines after the holidays. We stay in Ordinary Time until the season of Lent,

So if you feel like there's something missing after Christmas, there might be. Maybe you need the epiphany of Epiphany.

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