Monday, June 21

the dog’s tail

Ursa Minor surrounded by Draco
Ursa Minor surrounded by Draco in Urania's Mirror, 1825

on the sea divine
men guide ships through rough waters
trust in the dog's tail

Daily Haiku #5
Word Challenge:  cynosure
The Haiku Challenge

Cynosure comes from the Greek kynosoura which is the name of Ursa Minor and broken out, kynos + oura, dog's tail.  Although Ursa Minor is called the Little Bear.  Ursa Minor had the title Cynosura, 'dog's tail', in Greek mythology, Cynosura was a nymph on Mount Ida in Crete, who along with Helice (Ursa Major), nursed Zeus/Jupiter when he was being hidden from his father, Cronus/Saturn. In gratitude, Zeus placed her in the heavens as the constellation Ursa Minor.  Ursa Minor was the preferred navigation method for sailors because it had a smaller orbit and the northern star.  Or so I am told.


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