Friday, June 18

The Defeat of Eros by Jacob Frances

I wanted to share this awesome poem fromThe Penguin Book of Hebrew Verse, edited and translated by T. Carmi.  Published 1981.  Pages 494-495.

Written by Jacob Frances in 1615-1667.  More information here.

The Defeat of Eros

Love, had I not known you during
other nights; had I not fingered your
works with my own hands; had I not
felt your flame within my heart; had I
not melted away, after that, like a snail;

had I not sensed with my own eyes,
ever since I saw the sunlight, what
mastery and power you exercise over
all this company which I have met,
from man to beast to insect--

Love, I would have considered you
today a mere nothing.  I would have
regarded Eros as naught and emptiness;
I would have called you a lamb in lion's

For the maiden armed herself and
stood up to Eros, with a heart like a
coat of mail that withstands all
weapons; and his arrows dropped onto
her bosom like wax onto marble.

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